Culture of Safety

Key Actions:
  • Participate in the implementation of a provincial Safety Alert System and Stop the Line process with the development of a “model line” in the Saskatoon Health Region and coordinate replication in stages, when new processes are working well, and regional health authorities are ready.
  • Participate in the awareness campaign, “Who’s got your back?” aimed at reducing shoulder and back injuries in the workplace.
  • Fully implement at a minimum, Elements 1-2-3 of the Safety Management System:

Leadership and Commitment

Hazard Identification and Control

Training and Communication

  • To achieve a culture of safety, by March 31, 2020 there will be no harm to patients or staff.

Improvement Targets:
  • By March 31, 2017, fully implement a provincial Safety Alert/Stop the Line System.
  • By March 31, 2015, “Stop the Line” will be replicated in three acute care facilities in Saskatoon and one other agency or region.
  • By March 31, 2016 there will be zero shoulder and back injuries.

Benefits of this Work:
  • Improving the safety of patients and healthcare workers is a top priority in Saskatchewan. Harm can occur in all healthcare settings, however many of these harms are preventable when safety practices are embedded in daily work. This project brings the health system one step closer towards establishing a culture of safety through the design a safety alert system that empowers patients, families, and healthcare workers to recognize a potentially dangerous situation and trigger a process to stop the harm before it occurs. All of the work in this area aims to eliminate harm to both the patients we serve and those providing care.