Key Actions:
  • Quality improvements in long-term care including spreading Lean in long-term care, including Lean education, roll out of daily visual management in all facilities, monitoring of quality indicators in long-term care; and exploring the development of benchmark targets for long-term care quality indicators.
  • Increase number of clients with MAPLe (Method of Assigning Priority Levels) scores 4 or 5 living in the community supported by home care, and increased home care utilization.

  • By March 31, 2020, seniors who require community support can remain at home as long as possible, enabling them to safely progress into other care options as needs change.

Improvement Targets:
  • By March 31, 2017, the number of clients with a Method of Assigning Priority Levels (MAPLe) score of three to five living in the community supported by home care will increase.
  • By March 31, 2015, increase home care utilization and clients in the three pilot RHAs by 5% (provincial target)

Benefits of this Work:
  • The population of seniors in Saskatchewan continues to grow. Seniors and their families have a desire to see a shift from institutional care to more community supports. With better supports in place for seniors, we expect to see improved health status and a reduced need for emergency department visits, admission to hospital, long-term care and/or personal care homes.