Safety Logo

Patient Safety logo of the Cypress Health Region. A yellow circle with a white cross in the middle and the Rod of Asclepius in the cross.
The Cypress Health Region’s Patient Safety logo, designed by Brenda Groves in 2014.

The Cypress Health Region’s safety logo is a visual reminder of the past, present, and future patients/residents/clients, families, and staff of how the region has committed to its #1 value – safety.

The logo has been dedicated in honour of patients that have been caused harm.  It recognizes the growing commitment that the Cypress Health Region has towards safety.

A design contest was held in 2014 and Brenda Groves, a staff member at the Prairie Health Care Centre in Cabri, SK, had her design chosen as the winner.

Her design incorporates a number of symbolic elements:

  • Red is used to state this priority because of its quality.  Red has the effect to catch the eye, it is bold, and it grabs the viewers attention like a stop sign.
  • The word OUR is important because it is inclusive of everyone.
  • Yellow was chosen for the inner circle because that is the color of caution. Safety and caution go hand in hand.
  • The circle itself is symbolic.  Circles have no beginning or end, they are continuous, and here it is meant that the health region continuously strives to be safe.
  • Within this circle is a white cross.  The white cross is the modern symbol for health care.
  • Within this white cross is my version of the Rod of Asclepius.  The Rod of Asclepius is the ancient Greek symbol for Medicine.  Health care and Medicine are components of what a health region provides.
  • Lastly but not least, the Cypress Health Region’s logo has been incorporated into this logo to show where this safety priority is being demonstrated.

Together all of this symbolism demonstrates that in the Cypress Health Region, safety is the first priority.