Photo of a pen writing mission statement.

Strategic Direction

The Cypress Health Region’s Board and Senior Leadership Team developed the following vision, mission, and values in partnership with the region’s staff.

The region’s leadership group was engaged to provide feedback on draft purpose statements, which were altered to reflect the comments received.  In addition, the leadership group prioritized the Region’s values to create a ‘values hierarchy’ which will act as a decision making framework for staff throughout the region.

The staff of the region were further consulted in defining the region’s values.  Many excellent definitions were presented to the Board for consideration and adoption.  These staff definitions are used to further explain the values, and to demonstrate how we can live these values each and every day.


Leaders in Rural Health Excellence
Our vision describes our intended future state, and hopes for the future of the organization


Within Saskatchewan’s health care system, Cypress Health delivers safe, quality services to each person
Our mission describes our reason for being and the need we serve in our community


Accessing all situations for risk and acting accordingly

Behaving towards another person as if their entire experience to this moment is your own

Treating others the way you would prefer to be treated – kindly, courteously, tactfully

Assumption of responsibility for actions.  It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do

Continually striving to do our best in every situation

Our values provide a description of how we will conduct ourselves, and how we will make decisions throughout our organization