Transition to Single Provincial Health Authority

Ministry of Health Release – January 4th, 2017

Government Announces Move to Single Provincial Health Authority 

On January 4th, 2017 Health Minister Jim Reiter accepted all of the recommendations of the Saskatchewan Advisory Panel on Health System Structure, and announced the province will consolidate the 12 existing Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) into one single Provincial Health Authority.

“One Provincial Health Authority that is focussed on better co-ordination of health services across the province will improve the quality of care patients receive,” Reiter said.  “It will also reduce administration and duplication across the health system.

“This change represents a consolidation of administration, not a centralization of services.  Our government remains committed to providing high-quality health services in every part of the province.  Our goal is better co-ordination between the health services provided in different areas of the province.”

Read more on the January 4th, 2017 Ministry of Health news release.

Ministry of Health Release – January 10th, 2017 

Transition to Single Provincial Health Authority Underway

A transition team is being assembled that will include Ministry of Health, clinical and health system leaders. The team is tasked with developing a comprehensive plan to implement the new Provincial Health Authority.  Along with a new governance and management structure, the team will be considering the consolidation of health system administration and clinical support services, and the potential savings associated with consolidation.  The potential savings associated with consolidation are currently estimated in the range of $10-20 million by 2018-19.

Read more in the January 10, 2017  Ministry of Health news release.

Ministry of Health Release – May 8th, 2017

Saskatchewan Health Authority head office to be located in Saskatoon

Leadership positions to be located throughout the province

On May 8th, 2017 Health Minister Jim Reiter and Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit announced the head office for the new provincial health authority will be located in Saskatoon. The first day of operations for the health authority is being determined, but is still anticipated to occur in fall 2017.

“A number of locations for the head office were considered, and all would have been a good fit for the new health authority and the people of Saskatchewan,” Minister Reiter said. “Saskatoon will be the location of the head office because it is more centrally located in the province, is close to the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, and will be in close proximity to the new Children’s Hospital.”

While the head office space will be located in Saskatoon, jobs will continue to be located throughout Saskatchewan. A distributed executive leadership model will be established with senior management in Regina, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, and other major communities across the province.

“The new Saskatchewan Health Authority must have a strong connection to people and local communities,” Minister of Rural and Remote Health Greg Ottenbreit said. “Management and support services will continue to be located across the province to support the delivery of high quality and consistent frontline health care services for Saskatchewan people, wherever they live.”

Read more on the May 8, 2017 Ministry of Health news release.

Ministry of Health Release – August 23, 2017

Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO Announced

Scott Livingstone to Lead New Provincial Health Authority


Health Minister Jim Reiter, along with Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit, are pleased to announce Scott Livingstone has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the new Saskatchewan Health Authority (RHA).

“Scott Livingstone is an innovative, strategic leader who shares our goal of one provincial health authority that is focused on better co-ordination of health services across Saskatchewan,” Reiter said.  “Scott is uniquely qualified to lead the formation of the new organization, with a wealth of experience in the Saskatchewan health system as a pharmacist and as CEO of two provincial health organizations.”

Since April 2010, Livingstone has led the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Previously, he served as CEO of the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (now eHealth Saskatchewan).

“Scott is passionate about health care, and brings a strong patient focus to this new role,” Saskatchewan Health Authority Board Chair Dick Carter said.  “The Board of Directors is looking forward to working with Scott as we lead transformation across the health care system.”

Livingstone will take on the formal role of CEO when The Provincial Health Authority Act is proclaimed and the Saskatchewan Health Authority is officially established.  He will immediately begin to play a key role in helping to organize and build the new organization.

“I am excited and humbled by the opportunity to work with more than 40,000 dedicated health care providers and employees across the province as we build a new organization,” Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO Scott Livingstone said.  “My immediate focus will be working with the board on in-depth organizational planning, determining a launch date and recruiting a senior leadership team, to ensure we have a seamless transition on the first day of operations.”

The 12 current Regional Health Authority CEOs will continue to lead the day-to-day operations of the RHAs until the Saskatchewan Health Authority launches.  That date is still being determined, but is anticipated to occur in late fall 2017.

For more information on transition planning, visit the Government of Saskatchewan website.

September 21, 2017

Health System Transition Progress

Transition Update

The new Saskatchewan Health Authority is on track to launch operations by December 4, 2017. It’s anticipated that on that date, The Provincial Health Authority Act will be proclaimed and legally transition the 12 Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, including the transfer of employees and operations.

An organizational structure has been established for the senior leadership team of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The recruitment process for these senior positions will soon be underway, with job opportunities to be posted over the next several weeks.

In addition, a logo for the Saskatchewan Health Authority has been developed. The green and yellow stylized outline of Saskatchewan represents the forests in the north and the grain fields of the south, and emphasizes the authority’s commitment to providing quality health care for the whole province, without regional boundaries. For more details on transition planning and the Saskatchewan Health Authority logo visit

For more information about Saskatchewan Health Authority please visit