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Student Placements

Are you a student interested in a career in health care?  Consider doing a placement with the Cypress Health Region.

We are committed to providing students with the most meaningful and valuable experience during their time with our region.  There are three programs offered locally which include the Continuing Care Aide Program, Practice Nursing, and Registered Nursing.  Other placement opportunities include: Therapy, Pharmacy, Dietitian, Primary Health Care including Nurse Practitioner, Midwifery, Medicine, Office Education, Health Information, Social Work, and Lab/X-ray Technicians.

We have built this section of our website to help educate students, school institutions, and staff about Cypress Health Region’s policies, procedures, and expectations of the students and staff during a student placement.  We continue to add information regularly so check back often for the latest information.

Final Clinical Placement Bursaries

Students who are entering into their final clinical placement prior to licensure/graduation can receive a $2,000 bursary.   Successful applicants are required to sign a return in service of one year in rural or remote Saskatchewan.

For complete details of this bursary please visit:

For information on placements and other programs, beyond what is available in this section of our website, please contact the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Coordinator at 306-741-5926.

What is a Preceptor?

A preceptor is an experienced health professional that provides a learning experience or “on-the-job training” to a student in the preceptor’s workplace. Preceptorship involves teaching, demonstrating, and observing the student as well as providing feedback and support. Many health science students require a certain number of hours in one-to-one placement with a preceptor in order to graduate. A preceptor has a vital role in developing safe, skilled, ethical professionals for the future. For more information about preceptors please visit


The Cypress Health Region has an established Mentorship Program.  Mentoring is a process by which an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner (mentor) supports, inspires and nurtures the professional role socialization of a less experienced practitioner (protégé).  Please visit for details on Mentorship or speak with the Cypress Health Region’s Undergraduate/Postgraduate Coordinator.


Feedback from students is vital to growing our student placements and to make sure that students and staff get the most out of their experience.  It is important to look at what is working during student placements and what isn’t working so that we can improve those areas.

Please complete our Clinical Placement Survey.