Facility Asbestos Reports

The Cypress Regional Health Authority has taken action to ensure that asbestos containing material is contained and is not a risk to the workers and public.

Assessments have been completed for all of our patient care facilities and all identified asbestos containing materials have been clearly marked as containing asbestos. Entry doors into areas containing asbestos materials have also been clearly labelled indicating the presence of these materials, the location of which is highlighted on maps of the facilities. Inspections are conducted annually to ensure the asbestos containing materials remain intact and contained.  If repair work is required in areas containing asbestos, appropriate agencies are contracted for safe removal.

Facilities with Asbestos:

Inspection of the following facilities within the Cypress Health Region identified asbestos containing materials.

  • Regional Health Office
  • Prairie Pioneers Lodge
  • Swift Current Care Center
  • Palliser Regional Care Center
  • Herbert and District Integrated Health Facility
  • Mankota- Prairie View Health Center
  • Climax – Border Health Center
  • Shaunavon- Hospital and Care Center
  • Gull Lake- Special Care Center
  • Leader Hospital
  • Leader- Western Seniors Home
  • Leader- community health building
  • Maple Creek Hospital
  • Maple Creek- Cypress Lodge Nursing Home
  • Vanguard Health Center
  • Ponteix Health Center

Facilities without Asbestos:

The following Cypress Heatlh Region facilities did not suspect/contain any asbestos containing material.

  • Cypress Regional Hospital
  • Eastend – Wolf Willow Health Center
  • Cabri – Prairie Health Care Center
  • Hodgeville Health Center

Please see the Government of Saskatchewan’s Asbestos Register of Public Buildings page for information on other Saskatchewan buildings.

You may also view the Cypress Health Region’s Asbestos Registry (please note that file is large and may take several moments to download).

For more information within the Cypress Health Region please call 306.741.0278.