Dr. Fanie de Nysschen Announces Retirement in Cabri – Recruitment Process Initiated

Dr. Fanie de Nysschen has provided the Cypress Health Region with written notice of his intent to retire on July 31, 2017.  Dr. de Nysschen is the sole physician in Cabri and the Region has initiated the recruitment process to find and secure replacement physician services for the community.

His retirement will result in changes to physician services beginning on August 1, 2017.  These changes will include physician coverage at the Prairie Health Care Centre, the Cabri Medical Clinic, and the Cabri Pharmacy.

“Dr. de Nysschen has been the sole physician in the community of Cabri for some time now and has provided many years of great service to residents, to which we owe him a collective thank you,” commented Dr. Ivo Radevski, Vice President of Acute Care and Senior Medical Officer for Cypress Health.  “We are working hard to find replacement physician coverage for the community and are optimistic that this can be secured as soon as possible.”

Recruitment efforts to find a replacement physician began as soon as the Region received verbal notice from Dr. de Nysschen of his retirement plans.  Various advertising mediums and other recruitment methods are being utilized by the Region to find his replacement.

The Region is also working on contingency plans should a physician not be recruited or able to start by July 31, 2017.  Options could include temporary physician coverage for the community, making arrangements with other physicians within the Cypress Health Region to provide temporary coverage, or others.

The Cabri Medical Clinic is owned and operated by the Town of Cabri and is rented by the physician.  The Clinic is an important element of the recruitment process.  The Cabri Pharmacy is owned and operated solely by Dr. de Nysschen and is not affiliated with the Cypress Health Region.  Its future status will be determined by the successfully recruited physician and the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals.