Leader Capital Project Construction in Full Stride

Expansion project begins to take shape, construction camera documents progress

Construction is well underway on a $12 million expansion project that will result in the complete integration of health services in Leader.  The project is now being documented with a camera mounted high above the construction site, allowing anyone to view progress from anywhere at any time.

The availability of a construction camera is a new addition to the site.  The camera is mounted on the southeast corner of the property, capturing and updating images on a 15 minute cycle.  The high resolution images can be viewed at any time on the Cypress Health Region website and offers zoom functionality to get an up close look at progress. Upon completion of the project a time-lapse video will be produced showing the complete process from start of construction to completion.

Progress continues to be made on the construction site.  The concrete foundation has been completed and the steel subcontractor is now installing structural steel, an important step that is beginning to show the shape of the facility. Upon completion of steel crews will focus their attention on framing the exterior and interior walls.  Construction progress is currently on schedule and the new acute care facility is expected to open in summer 2018.

“This facility will serve as the focal point of high-quality health care services in the Leader area, and I am pleased to see that such good progress is being made on its construction,” said Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit.

“Wright Construction has been very active on the site and it’s great to see such strong progress being made,” commented Brenda Schwan, Capital Lead and Vice President of Continuing Care for Cypress Health.  “Once finished this project will integrate all of the community’s health services under one roof and will offer many new opportunities and efficiencies that are not currently available due to the physical setup and locations of our existing facilities.”

At the December 16 sod turning event it was announced that funding will be provided by the Cypress Regional Health Authority to make various safety and aesthetic improvements to the existing Western Senior Citizen’s Home.   These improvements are over and above the capital project’s scope and include adding kitchenettes into the three long-term care wings, safety improvements via the addition of ceiling track lifts in all resident rooms and new handrails, maintenance improvements including new boilers, water heaters, and lighting, and renovations to the nursing station area, tub rooms, and new flooring.

The Region is finalizing its plans for completing these enhancements and hopes to begin this work in late spring 2017.  The plan to complete this work is focused on minimizing necessary disturbances as much as possible.

“These renovations and improvements are going to increase the safety of our residents and staff and align well with our region’s top value of safety.  As is similar to renovations of your own home, some inconveniences for residents and staff are anticipated during this time.  We will minimize these inconveniences as much as possible and the resulting improvements will be well worth the short term nuisances of renovations. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding,” added Schwan.

When completed, the renovations and improvements at the Western Senior Citizen’s Home will result in a more home-like environment.  Each of the facility’s three long term care wings will have their own kitchenette to allow them to function as individual ‘houses’ and enjoy customized meals. The three homes will move away from traditional routines centred around tasks and move towards resident-centred routines where the resident dictates how they prefer to live in their home.  Residents will be able to set their own routines and preferences for things like when they want to wake up, eat meals, engage in activities, and go to bed.  This approach is similar to the setup of long-term care service delivery at the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility in Maple Creek and The Meadows in Swift Current. In these new facilities improved resident outcomes are being witnessed including increased eating, more relaxed moods, and concerns being noticed sooner.

For more information on the Leader project and to view the construction camera that’s now in place please visit www.cypresshealth.ca.