Equipment Starts to Move Into the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility

The Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) in Maple Creek is welcoming some of the puzzle pieces that it will need prior to opening its doors to the public.  Equipment and furnishings are beginning to be relocated into the areas of the facility that have been completed, while active construction is nearing the finish line on the remainder of the building.

However, even with the additional activity around the new facility’s site, the Cypress Health Region wants to remind the public to continue accessing emergency outpatient, laboratory/x-ray, and primary health care clinic services at their temporary downtown locations until further notice.  Public notice will be provided when the new facility is open for business which is anticipated to occur in late May or early June.

SIHF TVs in Storage
Technology being brought into the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility.

Over the past number of months, the downtown maintenance building for the Town of Maple Creek has been the storage home for the furnishings and equipment that have been purchased for the new facility.  Members of the maintenance staff have now  started to transfer some of these items into the areas included in Zone 1 of the SIHF blueprint, including the universal care unit, one half of acute care, medical imaging, mechanical, and electrical areas.

The areas in Zone 1 were handed over to the Cypress Health Region in late February for the transfer of equipment.  During the first week of access, many items were moved and support/patient areas set up which included patient examination tables, stretcher beds, podiatrist chairs, biomedical and household fridges, night stands, materials management warehouse and maintenance shop set up, and the first shipment of information technology equipment.

“Our first week of having access to the building was very productive,” said Trent Regier, Director of Long Term Care & Integrated Health Services for the Cypress Health Region.  “Our staff will continue to transfer the many pieces of equipment, furnishings, and supplies into the universal care and acute areas so that they will be ready for staff orientation and final infection control processes prior to opening.  Once the move into Zone 1 is complete, we will be ready to continue these processes in the remainder of the building.”

Construction crews are making great progress on Zone 2 of the building which includes all of the long term care area, remainder of acute care, nutrition, and general support areas.  Current processes include painting, flooring and ceiling installation, electrical and mechanical work, and installation of kitchen equipment.

Zone 2 is scheduled to be completed by the contractors in mid-April and available for the region to begin the equipment/furnishings transfer into these areas.  Following this, staff orientation and training to the facility and its systems will begin.

Regier is optimistic that if the construction and other processes continue as per the current schedule, substantial completion of the building is anticipated to occur in mid-April.  “We are estimating a 4-6 week of time between substantial completion and being ready to open the building to provide services to the public,” added Regier.  “This timeline will allow for staff training and orientation along with the required enhanced cleaning ensuring that the facility is ready for our long term care residents and patients.”

Discussions are continuing to occur with the Southwest Health Trust Board to finalize the details for the donor wall signage installation.  In addition, the SIHF Art Foundation will be touring Zone 1 to finalize installations of artwork they have been collecting, and the Cowgirl Cattle Company are preparing for the furnishing of the bunkhouses where patients’ families will be given the opportunity to use during the day or stay overnight.

Having served the community and surrounding areas for over 50 years, the Maple Creek Hospital building will be demolished.  Dakota Reclamators were awarded the demolition contract and will begin their processes later this week.  The local Salvation Army and Museum have taken the opportunity to access some of the building’s equipment, fixtures and furnishings, while other items have been redeployed within the region’s facilities.  The demolition is scheduled to be complete by the end of April.