Leader and District Integrated Healthcare Facility Construction Update

The capital expansion project in Leader, including various renovations and enhancements to the interior of the
existing long-term care side of the facility, continues to reach new construction milestones and remains on
schedule to open its doors as the Leader and District Integrated Healthcare Facility this summer.

The south home, the first of three houses to undergo renovations at the Western Senior Citizens Home, has been
re-occupied since the end of October 2017 and the west home was re-occupied in January 2018. The north home,
the third and final home to be completely renovated, is scheduled for residents to begin to move into their new
space this week.

“It’s great seeing residents enjoy the home-like atmosphere. At home, favourite places to gather as a family are
often the kitchen and dining room and you get that same feeling when you see residents connecting in the new
kitchens and dining room areas,” commented Brenda Schwan, executive director of continuing care for integrated
rural health for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. “The new space is welcoming and you can feel the warmth
and friendliness the moment you walk through the door.”

Meanwhile the $12 million capital construction attached to the Western Senior Citizens Home continues to
progress. Recent activity has included construction in the acute/primary care unit. The unit is rapidly taking shape
with the exterior finished and mechanical systems nearing completion. Painting and millwork (interior wood
finishings) are well underway and flooring and ceiling tiles are being installed. There is a large contingent of subtrades
on-site and the work is progressing quickly.

When the expansion project and renovation work is complete the facility will be renamed, as decided by
community members, the Leader and District Integrated Healthcare Facility. It will be the sole location of all of the
community’s health services bringing together acute care, emergency medical services, community health
services, primary health care and long-term care.