Maple Creek Long Term Care Services to Transition into New Facility

Long term care residents in Maple Creek will be welcoming a new home into their lives as the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility will open the doors to its three long term care homes on August 24.

The move will introduce the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility as the sole location to the community’s spectrum of health services. The long term care move has been carefully coordinated over the summer months and every effort has been made to create a smooth transition for the 45 residents that will now call the new facility home.

“Moving into a new home is an exciting event to be a part of, but as is the case for anyone making such a move, it can be a stressful adjustment as well. We’ve been very mindful of this as we’ve planned this move and we’re working very hard to ensure it’s as smooth and seamless as possible for all of our residents as well as their family members,” commented Trent Regier, Director of Long Term Care and Integrated Health Services for Cypress Health.

The health region will have adequate staff on-site who will assisting with the relocation of residents on August 24th. Immediate family members of residents have also been invited to assist in the move.

Cypress Health staff are now completing a thorough cleaning of the facility’s three long term care houses (named Prairie Oasis, Paradise Pines, and Prairie Meadows as selected by residents, family members, volunteers, and staff). The furnishings for each resident room are also being moved into position in advance of the opening.

August 24th will be an exciting date for the community; however, the health region is requesting that members of the public avoid visiting the long term care houses during the transition day where possible.

“Monday will be a very exciting day for the community and our health region, but it will also be a very busy day as we make this adjustment. We are aware that many people will be wanting to come and see the long term care houses first-hand, but we are asking them to allow a day or two for our residents and their family members to become familiar with the new surroundings. This will also help to avoid cluttering the facility during our move,” added Regier.

The move into the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility will result in a change to the community’s Meals on Wheels service which will be based out of the new facility’s main kitchen beginning Friday, August 21st. As of this date, Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers will be asked to pick up their Meals on Wheels food totes at the kitchen. Volunteers may park in the long term care parking lot on the south side of the facility, use the main long term care entrance, and proceed to the kitchen for this pickup.

A grand opening celebration event for the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility is being planned and a date will be announced in the coming weeks.