More than Just Inspections

Proclamation of Environmental Public Health Week in Swift Current

On the surface, you may not see the link between your favourite restaurant, the local swimming pool, or the new house being built on your street. If you look a little deeper however, you’ll see that these, in one way or another, all fall under the duties of Environmental Public Health (EPH) in the Cypress Health Region. Every day our region’s environmental public health professionals, more commonly referred to as public health inspectors, impact the food we eat, the water we drink, and the places where we gather, live, and learn.

On Monday September 25th, 2017 the City of Swift Current proclaimed Environmental Public Health Week. This week recognizes the important work completed by Environmental Public Health Professionals across Canada in order to help keep our communities safe.

“Our team of public health inspectors play a critical role in helping to protect the public in southwest Saskatchewan from environmental health hazards that affect our daily lives and wellbeing. This can include food safety, air quality, water safety, pest control, tobacco control, recreational facilities, and many others” says Brad Giesbrecht, Senior Public Health Inspector. “A key part of our jobs is to work proactively to protect the health of individuals while troubleshooting any potential issues before they become health concerns.”

While restaurant inspections are often the first thing that public health inspectors are associated with, a diverse range of activities fall under their daily duties including education, investigations, and enforcements. In 2016, 1,414 public health inspections were done in the Cypress Health Region. These inspections included restaurants, pools, sewage systems, childcare facilities, and others. In addition to the inspections, 599 participants attended educational opportunities hosted by public health inspection such safe food handling courses and programs for swimming pool operators.

In recognition of the important role Environmental Public Health Professionals have in protecting the health of the public and our communities, we are celebrating Environmental Public Health Week within the Cypress Health Region. For more information on the work of public health please visit