Public Tours – Long Term Care

Construction of the newest long term care facility in southwest Saskatchewan is moving forward at a tremendous pace and the public are invited to participate in a tour to find out more about what the facility will offer. The Cypress Health Region would like to welcome the public to join them in a one-hour tour during the month of July.

Additional dates have been confirmed for individuals and groups to get an advance look at replica resident and palliative care rooms that will be included in the new Swift Current long term care facility. Morning, afternoon, and evening tour options will be offered on July 9, 16, 23, and 30.

Pre-registration for the tours is required to ensure that our numbers are appropriate and that everyone in the group can see and hear the tour leader. If you are interested in a tour, please call 306.741.1885 or email Additional information on the date and time options can be discussed with you to find a tour that will fit into your schedule. As well, you will be provided with information on the location of the tours.

The replica rooms have been constructed to simulate the full size that they will be and include a real life view of the features that the room will have. This includes lighting, bathroom amenities, ceiling mounted lifts, windows that open, paint, flooring, and other furniture/equipment. In addition to touring the two replica rooms, a variety of other information about the project will be available including a brief simulated video that will display what the facility will look like from the inside and outside.

Tours have been provided since the last week of April and there has been very valuable feedback received from those taking the tour. A number of suggestions have been offered that will be incorporated into the ongoing design for the rooms and participants have taken the opportunity to offer their comments on the tour experience. A small sampling of participants’ comments include – the color choices are beautiful and the rooms are clean and organized; I love the bathroom closets that open from both sides to allow staff to stock rooms at night without disturbing the resident’s sleep; it will be easy to move wheel chairs and walkers around, everything is larger in size; love the private rooms with private bathrooms.

Progress on the construction site continues to move forward on a daily basis, with construction crews actively working throughout the site. The public are encouraged to visit the health region’s Swift Current Long Term Care webpage to keep up to date with the status and progress on the project, and to view the on-site construction camera that provides visitors with the ability to zoom in on specific areas of the site.

Construction of the new 225-bed long term care facility is anticipated to be completed in April 2016.