Women’s and Children’s Unit Celebrates moreOB™ Program

Team receives recognition award as it transitions into third year of program

The Women’s and Children’s Health Services Unit at the Cypress Regional Hospital is celebrating the successes it has achieved through their involvement with the moreOB™ program. On June 28 the team accepted an Award of Recognition for their participation in the initiative.

Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (moreOB™) is a continuous patient safety improvement program led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of nursing staff, physicians, specialists, midwives, and other staff at the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current. The program uses a collaborative approach that’s intended to decrease adverse events and clinical errors by ensuring that all team members are involved in safety efforts and improvement initiatives.

After their first year of implementing the moreOB™ program the team received the moreOB™ Recognition Award for Outstanding Performance in the Application of Knowledge, Commitment, and Teamwork. The team has incorporated many improvements through the moreOB™ initiative in the first two years including skin to skin care between parents and their newborn, management of women in labour, and effective and efficient communication between the multidisciplinary team.

Year three will focus on building upon these improvements by maintaining and utilizing the formal communication and teamwork techniques previously established. It will focus on empowering patients and families to have a voice in promoting safe care practices, will utilize formal analytic techniques to identify and mitigate potential causes of harm, will further expand upon the monthly practice drills that are utilized for maintaining and developing advanced clinical skills, and will help prepare and practice for potential emergency scenarios.

Carol Wells, Nursing Unit Coordinator on the Women’s and Children’s Health Services Unit at the Cypress Regional Hospital stated “I am very proud of the team and how they have been working together to achieve the best care and results for our patients. Since the initial start of the program, I have observed a lot of growth and a change in communication and multidisciplinary team work. The underlying message in moreOB™ is for us to develop a culture on the unit where patient safety is everyone’s first priority. Reflecting on the last two years and all we have accomplished, we are certainly doing a great job!”

The Cypress Health Region extends its appreciation to moreOB™ team members and their dedication to enhancing the quality programming offered within the Women’s and Children’s unit.