Advance Care Planning

We plan in advance for all kinds of events such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and vacations.  We plan for our education and we plan for our retirement.  In spite of the fact that planning in advance is something we do every day, we often don’t plan in advance for healthcare.

Planning for future healthcare choices is a wise thing for all capable adults to do.  Life threatening illness or injury can happen at any time and it’s important that those who may have to make decisions for your care, if you are unable to do so, are clear about your wishes and know that they are supporting you in the choices you have made.

The Cypress Health Region’s Advance Care Planning program called ‘My Voice’ helps patients and residents to consider developing their own plan.  It also serves as a guide for making your own Advance Care Plan.  Sometimes called a living will, advanced directive, or health directive, an Advance Care Plan is a legal set of directions developed for your medical care if you are too ill or injured to communicate or make decisions.

The My Voice program is being rolled out throughout the Cypress Health Region beginning in the community of Leader, SK.  Please speak with your health care provider or call 306-778-5100 for more information.


Advanced Care Planning Legislation