Dental Health Education

Dental Health GirlDental Health Educators are responsible for determining the oral health needs of communities and targeting appropriate education andprograms to address these needs.

The Dental Health Educator promotes public awareness and knowledge of dental health topics such as: fluoride, oral hygiene, oral injury prevention, fissure sealants, space maintenance, tobacco, denture care, senior oral care, nutrition and oral health, dental and oral diseases, oral cancer, oral products and procedures, and diabetes and oral health.

Dental disease, one of the most common health problems in the world today, is almost totally preventable.

Dental Health Promotion is a community based program that works with communities to achieve optimal oral health.

School Program

Periodic targeted visual oral inspections, one-on-one counselling and oral hygiene skill development as needed, classroom presentations, dental resource kits, teacher workshops, brushing programs for special needs children or classes at high risk for decay, oral health as it relates to tobacco, drugs, oral piercing, eating disorders, diabetes, injury prevention, etc.

Sealant Program

Sealants provided in schools identified through previous dental screenings to be at a higher risk of dental decay. Grades 1 and 7 students in these schools are eligible with parental consent. Grade 2 and Grade 8 students enrolled the previous year are followed up for retention checks and offered sealants on newly erupted teeth.

Fluoride Program

Promotion of community water fluoridation, school-based fluoride mouthrinse programs, fluoride varnish programs, toothbrushing programs

Dental Health BoyPostnatal Programs

Information packages for new parents, individual referrals from health professionals

Pre-School Programs

Dental resource kits, toothbrushing, fluoride varnish and screening programs offered in areas at high risk to decay, presentations available upon request

Seniors/Special Needs Program

Presentations, displays, workshops and consultations, caregiver in-services on all aspects of oral health, oral cancer self-screening instruction


Consultation and resource information to individuals, groups and health professionals

Health Promotion/Public Education

Public awareness of oral health issues through printed material, healthy public policy, media, health fairs, displays, website etc.


Oral Health Newsletters/Reports

Oral Health Resources


Dental Health Educator Contacts

Toll Free phone: 1.866.786.2510

North contact

350 Cheadle St. W
Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 4G3
Phone: 306.778.5299

South contact
Box 1120
Assiniboia, Saskatchewan S0H 0B0
Phone: 306.642.9422