Early Childhood Psychology

Early Childhood Psychology services are available from each regional facility. The Cypress Health Region’s Early Childhood Psychologist (ECP) works with children up to five years of age, who have not yet entered school, who are developmentally above or below average, or who have common behavioral problems. The ECP will work with both the preschooler and the parent to help the child manage his or her developmental problems.

How to tell if a child needs help

An indicator that a child may need help is if he or she may have had some problems with the developmental screening activities the public health nurse did at a recent clinic visit. Or, a child could have a behavioral or developmental problem such as getting along with other children, crying a lot, not using many words, or appearing “different” from other children the same age.

How does the ECP help children overcome these problems?

Depending on the concerns expressed about the child, the ECP may:

  • Evaluate the child’s level of ability
  • Observe the child
  • Interview the parent(s) to find out more about how the child behaves at home

After evaluating the child, the ECP can do a number of things:

  • For example, he or she could suggest home activities to carry out or discuss enrolling the child in a suitable program such as the Early Childhood Intervention Program or a daycare or preschool program.
  • He or she may also suggest another medical specialist or health professional to help the child.

It is important to note that parents are involved in their child’s visits to the ECP and are consulted at every step.

For more information on Early Childhood Psychology and the services that are available through the program please call the Community Health Services department at 306.778.5280.

You can also learn more about our services by viewing the Pediatric Health and Development Program Information brochure.