Parent Mentoring Program

The Parent Mentoring Program of Saskatchewan (PMP) is a volunteer-based mentoring program that provides assistance and support people who are pregnant or who are parenting newborns to five year olds. Exceptions may be made for families with older children.

Parent participants are paired with volunteer mentors who are experienced parents and/or who have skills that will enhance a parent’s ability to effectively care for his/her children and self. Volunteer mentors serve as supportive friends and role models.

A mentor is an experienced parent who volunteers to offer assistance and support. He or she is someone who will listen, spend time, show respect, and share information, suggestions, and resources.

PMP aims to provide knowledge, skills, and motivation to program participants to be the best parents they can be. PMP aides parents to access existing services. PMP strives to have mutually satisfying relationships between parents and volunteer mentors. The overall goal is healthier and happier parents and children.

How to Access the Parent Mentoring Program

Referrals are accepted from physicians, social workers, teachers/principals, councillors, clergy members, health nurses, and other community agencies/people. Parents are welcome to refer themselves to the program.

All persons are welcome to apply to become a volunteer mentor to participate as a role model, friend, supporter, and companion. PMP volunteers can be any age and must be caring, mature, responsible, open-minded, reliable, and dedicated. PMP volunteers should be reliable and have: experience with children, an understanding of parenting, a warm caring nature, and an open mind.

For more information on the Parent Mentoring Program of Saskatchewan in the Cypress Health Region please contact the local PMP Coordinator at 306.778.5259. For more information on the Parent Mentoring Program of Saskatchewan please visit their website.