PARTY Program

Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (PARTY)

The PARTY program is a dynamic, interactive injury prevention, health promotion program for teenagers. PARTY’s mission is to promote injury prevention through reality education, enabling youth to recognize risk and make informed choices about activities and behaviours. This program is making a difference with our youth and saving lives!

PARTY was developed in Ontario after a request was made by teenagers to develop a program to stop teen trauma. Currently fifty-five programs operate nationally, spanning seven provinces and one territory with recent expansion into the United States of America.

Studies show that the greatest incidence of death and injury occurs in the 15–24 year age group. PARTY was created to educate teens to the perils of risk-taking behaviour and the tragic consequences that can occur. This program is a vital component in the growing community effort to reduce death and injury in alcohol and risk-related incidents.

Students 14–19 years old experience a full day session: following the path of an injury survivor and meeting the professionals that would care for them in a trauma situation. Paramedics, Emergency Room Physicians, Nurses, and Therapists describe the painful journey of a trauma patient. Facts are presented about head and spinal cord injury and students have hands-on experience with the equipment used in trauma care and rehabilitation.

The most powerful part of the day is the injury survivor presentation. Young people talk frankly about their injuries, the events that lead to the injury, and what their lives are like after their injury. Students have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and learn what life is really like after an injury. This by far has the greatest impact on teens and leaves an impression that, for some, lasts a lifetime.

This program has six goals:

  • To educate youth to recognize risks.
  • To increase youths’ awareness of personal responsibility for their choices.
  • To increase youths’ knowledge of the impact of serious injury on quality of life for the individual and community.
  • To empower youth to make informed, smart choices.
  • To promote other injury prevention initiatives.
  • To contribute to a reduction in the incidence of risk-related trauma for youth.
For information on the PARTY program in the Cypress Health Region please call the Health Promotion Coordinator at 306.778.5613.