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Emergency Medical Services

The Cypress Health Region has a total of twelve ambulance services operating within its boundaries. They are made up of privately operated, municipal, and regionally run services. Of the twelve (12), seven (7) are operated by the region, with the remaining five (5) being private or municipal services

Regionally Operated Services

Maple Creek, Leader, Cabri, Consul, Richmound, Eastend, Shaunavon

Privately Operated/Municipal Operated

Gull Lake, Frontier, Val Marie, Hutch Ambulance, Ponteix, Swift Current EMS

In Saskatchewan, ambulance services are funded by two sources: one is funding grants provided to each privately ran service by the health region which is a total cost of approximately $1,450,000.00 per year and the other funding source is by users fees. Users fees are set by the province of Saskatchewan and are approved by each Regional Health Authority Board of Directors.

The following are the fees for ambulance services for Saskatchewan residents within the Cypress Health Region:

  • Basic pick up: $245.00
  • Kilometer charge: $2.30 per km
  • Wait time: $80.00 per hour

For non-Saskatchewan residents fees are $360 for basic pick up, $3.05 per km, and $100 per hour for wait time.

Air ambulance fees, including Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS), cost $350 per trip.

The provincial government subsidizes Saskatchewan residents who are over the age of 65 and these residents are charged a maximum of $275.00 per road ambulance trip.

The Cypress Health Region encourages all residents of the Health Region to acquire third party insurance to assist in the cost of ambulance services.

For more information please view our Emergency Medical Services brochure.