A concussion can be a serious medical incident and is caused by a sudden, direct blow to the head.  The impact from a sudden jolt to the head can cause your brain to move around inside your head which, depending on the specific circumstances, can mean that your brain doesn’t function normally.

After a concussion the brain cells are not working well.  With most concussions, the brain cells will recover in 1 to 3 weeks.  However, when one pushes the brain cells to do more than they can tolerate (before they are healed), symptoms will get worse.  When symptoms get worse, the brain cells are telling you that you’ve done too much.  As recovery takes place, you will be able to do more each day with fewer symptoms.

Prompt diagnosis is important to the recovery time of a concussion.  The Cypress Health Region has established a concussion protocol to ensure consistent and accurate diagnosis takes place in the emergency room.  The protocol also ensures that appropriate follow up with  the family physician, a physiotherapist, and the child’s school occurs.  The protocol is currently in place at the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current and will be rolled out to other hospitals within the region in the near future.

If you suspect your child has a concussion, please see your nearest emergency room.  You may also reference the concussion symptom wheel at the bottom of this page.

Graduated Return to Play (RTP)

A Graduated RTP, recommended by the 2012 Zurich Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport, established stages to act as a guide for the pace in which to return to normal activity after experiencing a concussion injury.  The RTP is a guide; however, you should speak with a healthcare professional for your own care/recovery plan.

Concussion Symptom Wheel

This tool helps show the physical, emotional, and cognitive signs and symptoms of a concussion injury.  If you suspect you or your child has a concussion please see a physician or Nurse Practitioner as close as possible to the time the injury occurred.

Concussion Symptom Wheel