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The Cypress Health Region has a total of five emergency departments located at the Cypress Regional Hospital (Swift Current), Shaunavon Hospital and Care Centre, Leader Hospital, Maple Creek Hospital, and the Herbert and District Integrated Health Facility.

Emergency Departments provide the public with access to assessments and treatments for conditions that require emergent and/or urgent interventions. Emergency Departments also provide diagnostics and treatments to patients with less serious conditions. Emergency Departments, when possible, are staffed with physicians and nurses who have specialized skills in treating emergency patients.

Cypress Health Region Emergency Departments utilize the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) to assess and prioritize the urgency of each patient. Those with serious injury or illness will be treated before those triaged as less urgent.

The Cypress Regional Hospital offers an Intensive Care Unit as part of its Emergency Department. The unit provides the most intensive care and treatment for in-patients in the region. It is a four bed unit that serves approximately 500 patients per year. Each of the four rooms is electronically monitored, providing clear visualization to nursing staff when they are not providing direct patient care. This feature is for visual monitoring only; there is neither recording nor sound associated with this system.

If you are faced with a medical emergency you are encouraged to dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Please know your options.

Emergency Departments throughout the Cypress Health Region are very busy. If your matter is not urgent, please visit a local clinic to be seen by a family physician to help reduce wait times for true emergencies. Utilizing an emergency department correctly means that you are helping those who need critical care the most.

A medical emergency means a sudden onset of a condition with acute symptoms requiring immediate medical care and includes conditions such as:

  • heart attacks;
  • cardiovascular accidents (stroke);
  • poisonings;
  • loss of consciousness or respiration;
  • convulsions; or
  • other such acute medical conditions.

If you do not require the emergency department for assistance please visit a medical clinic.