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Cost of Services

Saskatchewan Health sets a flat rate for all Saskatchewan long term care residents based on their income and the same rate will apply regardless of the facility that the resident is located.

Fees for residents accessing long term care in the province of Saskatchewan are based on annual reported income of that resident, including interest earned from bank accounts and investments. A standard resident charge is applied plus a portion of his or her income. The resident fee is not adjusted depending on the type of room the resident occupies (private, semi-private, etc.)

All charges are adjusted quarterly in keeping with changes to Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplements. Individual resident charges are adjusted annually to take into account any changes in residents income from the previous year.

Residents may request, at any time, a recalculation of their monthly charge if:

  • He or she disagrees with the resident charge calculated
  • His or her financial circumstances have changed significantly
  • He or she is disadvantaged by the use of total income in determining the resident charge

The long term care resident charge covers a portion of the cost of providing 24 hours a day care, as well as room and board. On average, the resident charges represent approximately 23% of the total cost of the individual’s care and accommodation. Saskatchewan Health covers the remainder of the costs associated with long term care service delivery.

If a resident disagrees with the resident charge calculated they may submit a written request to Saskatchewan Health, along with supporting documentation, to the following location:

Saskatchewan Health
Drug Plan & Extended Benefits, Income Assessment Unit, System & Client Support Services
3475 Albert St.
Regina, SK S4S 6X6

In addition to the resident fee, supply charges may occur. Examples of supply charges that are billed separately may include incontinent supplies, barber/hairdressing services, and wandering alert bracelets. The client will be billed by outside agencies for prescription drugs, cable television, telephone, and transportation including ambulance.

All long term care residents across the province incur a monthly charge for personal supplies in the amount of $20.

For more information on long term care fees or statement inquiries please contact the Cypress Health Region’s finance department at 306.778.5107.