Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program

The Chronic Disease Management – Quality Improvement Program (CDM-QIP) is a program focusing on the continuous
improvement of chronic disease management in Saskatchewan. The goal is to improve continuity and quality of on-going care for people living with chronic conditions by encouraging and supporting physicians and other health care providers to use best medical practices.

People living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease benefit from improved medical care if their health care providers are part of the CDM-QIP. The program allows these health care providers access to up-to-date information and tools to provide optimal medical management of chronic conditions. The program helps to ensure you get the best care and that your lab and other tests are done only when necessary.

Information related to your chronic disease will be collected and stored electronically in the eHR Viewer. Examples of the type of information collected include blood pressure, smoking status, height and weight, and certain laboratory results such as blood sugar, cholesterol, and kidney function.

The Electronic Health Record (eHR) Viewer is a secure web-based program that allows health care providers to access a variety of your clinical information such as lab results, prescription information and immunization history.  Only members of the health care team involved in your care may view the information in the CDM-QIP section of the eHR Viewer. This may include physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and their designated staff. All health care providers involved will have completed an eHealth Saskatchewan approval process and are aware of the importance of the privacy of personal health information.