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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do Food Establishments get inspected?

Each food establishment has an inspection frequency ranging from every month to every 12 months depending on its risk classification. Additional inspections are done if there is a complaint or if violations are not corrected.

Are inspection reports publicly available?

Yes, you can go to the Ministry of Health website to view the inspection reports for a food service establishment.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint about a public facility such as a restaurant, swimming pool, or hotel please call 306.778.5280, fax at 306.778.5408  or email and direct your inquiry to the public health inspector.

If your complaint is in regards to a housing concern please inform your landlord in writing. If they do not address the issue in reasonable time please call the Office of Residential Tenancies at 1.888.215.2222

Something I ate made me sick.

If you have not done so already, please visit your local physician to submit a sample. This will confirm what is making you feel ill.

I want to take a FoodSafe Course, when is the next one?

Please refer to the FoodSafe Schedule 2017 for the next FoodSafe course in the Cypress Health Region.

Who needs to have a FoodSafe Level I certificate?

The operator of a public eating establishment shall ensure that a person who has successfully completed a course in food sanitation, approved by a public health officer, is working in the public eating establishment at all times when food is being prepared or served. If you operate a temporary food booth you also require this certificate.

I have lost my FoodSafe certificate. How do I obtain a replacement FoodSafe certificate?

You have to contact the Health Authority in which you wrote the FoodSafe exam. They will check the FoodSafe registry to ensure that you have successfully written and passed the FoodSafe exam, before issuing a new certificate for a fee.

How do I start a food booth at a temporary event?

Prior to operating a food booth at a temporary event you must receive approval from Cypress Health Region. You must submit a completed Temporary Food Event Application Form to the local Public Health office at least 14 business days prior to the event. Please visit here for more information.

What Steps Do I Need To Take To Become A Caterer?

All caterers must operate out of a licensed kitchen and need to submit a completed Catering Form to the Public Health office. Please contact your local Public Health Inspector for further details. A Catering Permit will be issued to each caterer which must be posted at each event. If a caterer is only operating at less than 6 events per year, then a completed Temporary Food Event Application Form must be submitted to the local Public Health office at least 7 business days prior to each event.

Can I sell food I make at home?

In 2016 the Food Safety Regulations were amended to allow low risk foods to be processed and solid from a home kitchen. This includes items such as:

  • breads fruit pies
  • biscuits pastries
  • cookies jams
  • jellies candy
  • herb blends

Laboratory testing can be completed to determine if your food product is low risk. For any further questions please contact a public health inspector at 306-778-5280

How can I test my private well for bacteria?

Water analysis is available through the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory. Samples must be processed within 48 hours. Results will be mailed to the address you specify on the water analysis request form.

When can I drop water samples off?

Public Health Services will provide shipping to the laboratory. In order for samples to be processed within the required time water samples must receive on the 4th floor of the E. I. Wood building, 350 Cheadle St W. Swift Current, by 12 noon on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only.