Telehealth Needs Assessment

website_homepagecallout_telehealthsurveyA survey has been made available for all residents in Saskatchewan to assist Telehealth in better understanding the needs and challenges of the public in regards to Telehealth services.

The survey can be completed online or a paper copy can be downloaded.

Telehealth is defined as “The use of live, real-time videoconferencing technologies for clinical, educational and administrative applications within and between our Regional Health Authorities, Partners and outside of our province.”

Telehealth Saskatchewan (Telehealth) connects patients to Health Care Providers using live, two-way videoconferencing technology.  This secure service is available in many health care facilities across the province and allows patients and health care providers to connect from two completely separate locations.  Patients simply visit the nearest Telehealth site to meet with a provider in a virtual exam room, eliminating the need to travel long distances to receive care.

This health care service from a distance has been made possible thanks to a collaboration between eHealth Saskatchewan, regional health authorities, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, First Nation Inuit Health Branch and other health care partners.

Survey closes June 30, 2016.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey. Your responses will be extremely helpful in planning for future Telehealth programming.  Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts.  Results of the survey will be published to the eHealth website after the information received is compiled.