Recreation Therapy

Therapeutic recreation is a professional service which uses recreation as a treatment and education modality focusing on restoring leisure independence and overall well-being of clients. Services are delivered through a continuum of care consisting of:

  • functional intervention;
  • patient and family leisure education and;
  • recreation participation.

The Recreation Therapist provides consultation to all 12 of the Cypress Health Region’s Long Term Care facilities. Recreation or Activities staff provide or coordinate the recreational activities in each facility. Large group activities, such as a local music group providing entertainment, are open to be attended by all residents. Smaller group activities, or individualized activities are developed and tailored to what each resident enjoys and is able to participate in.

Often our abilities and strengths will change with time and age, so the activities we enjoy will also need to be changed, and new creative ideas for meaningful recreational activities will need to be generated. The Activities staff work in consultation with the Recreation Therapist to develop programs that capitalize on the strengths, and meets the recreational needs, of the individual resident at the time.