Lil Souls of Cypress Photo Contest

Official Rules for #Lil Souls of Cypress Photo Contest

Entries to the Cypress Health Region Lil Souls of Cypress contest must be submitted directly on the Instragram social networking application and follow us on Instagram @cypresshealth and @babble.mbk using the #LilSoulsofCypress hastag.  Parents and/or legal guardians are invited to enter the contest by posting a photo of their newborn baby to Instagram using the #LilSoulsofCypress hastag.  Pictures must be of a baby born within the previous 31 day period to be eligible for the monthly draw prize.

To be eligible, the photo submitted must be of the baby only. No other individuals should be shown on the picture.  Eligible photographs must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian of the baby.  The parent and/or legal guardian submitting the photo must own the rights to the photo. Professional photographs may only be used if the parent and/or legal guardian has purchased and fully owns the rights to the photograph.

To be eligible for the contest you must agree and to the contest rules listed above and must provide informed consent that you have read, and understand, and agree to the content rules.   You must also include the first name and first initial of the last name of the baby submitted.

Only one photo submission allowed per child.

Upon submitting your photograph and providing informed consent of your participation, you will be entered into the random monthly draw for a $50 gift certificate from Babble Maternity Baby Kids.  You will also be automatically entered for the annual grand prize draw of a $500 gift certificate from Babble Maternity Baby Kids.  Winners of the random monthly prize draws will also be eligible for the annual grand prize draw.

The Cypress Health Region reserves the right to use, display, and/or repurpose any photographs submitted through the #LilSoulsofCypress contest.   By participating in the contest you consent and agree to the Cypress Health Region being able to use the photograph for the purposes of publicity. This may include, but not be limited to, sharing the image within its internal and external publications, media, and other digital and traditional media resources. By participating in the contest you consent to understanding and agreeing that you waive any claim for compensation for the use of the photograph by the Cypress Health Region and its partner agencies and organizations.

I understand that my child’s image, first name, and first initial of last name will be shared and displayed on the Cypress Health Region’s public social media networks. I understand that the CHR social media accounts are public domain and do not offer the same privacy restrictions as personal social media accounts.  I agree and confirm that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the baby in the submitted photo shared on Instragam using the #LilSoulsofCypress hashtag.

View our #Lil Souls of Cypress Poster for all the details.

Thanks to everyone for entering our contest.

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