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The Meadows Receives Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service

Deputy Premier Don Morgan on behalf of Premier Brad Wall announced the four teams and two individuals who will receive the 2016 Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service for their outstanding work this evening.

“It is a great privilege to acknowledge the 2016 award recipients,” Morgan said.  “Our province is fortunate to have such dedicated, innovative and compassionate public servants working hard for the citizens of Saskatchewan.”The Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service recognizes employees of the Saskatchewan public service for exceptional work in the categories of Innovation, Quality Service and Leadership.
The 2016 individual and team recipients are:
  • Krystal Aulie, Outstanding Agriculture Advocacy, Ministry of Agriculture (Leadership);
  • Sameema Haque, Saskatchewan Asbestos Registry, Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety (Quality Service);
  • 2015 Wildfire Season Team, Ministry of Environment (Quality Service);
  • Self-Directed Funding Joint Committee Team, Ministry of Social Services (Innovation);
  • Inter-Ministry Response Team to La Loche, Ministry of Education (Quality Service); and
  • Swift Current Long-Term Care Centre Project Team, SaskBuilds (Innovation).

Generally, individuals or teams from provincial government ministries, some Treasury Board Crown corporations, boards, commissions and agencies are eligible for nomination by the public service, stakeholder organizations, clients and citizens.  An independent committee makes the selections.

A ceremony will be held in the new year to recognize the broader Inter-Ministry Response Team to LaLoche.  The team is made up of approximately 350 people from across Saskatchewan, including non-public servants, who will receive honourable mentions.

The Meadows Award:

The Swift Current long term care centre, known as The Meadows, was finished on-time and on budget in April 2016. The province’s first public private partnership (P3), it brought together SaskBuilds, the Ministry of Health, and the Cypress Health Region with the private sector in a collaborative process. A participatory design process used feedback from residents, families, and staff to create a home-like atmosphere and innovations to improve care. Taxpayers also saved $16 million dollars as a result of the P3 procurement due to lower construction and maintenance costs, the integration of project life cycle phases, and the effective transfer and management of risks. It was both a test and validation of the P3 model in Saskatchewan as it concerns the procurement of large and complex capital assets.

Team Lead:

  • Rupen Pandya, President and CEO, SaskBuilds

SaskBuilds Team Members:

  • Lisa Boire, Executive Vice-President, Operations (former)
  • Miranda Brown, Senior Project Consultant
  • Teresa Florizone, Vice-President, Corporate Services and CFO
  • Sarah Harrison, Vice-President, Operations and Engagement
  • Rick Hischebett, Crown Counsel (former)
  • Sharon Lejeune, Administrative Assistant
  • Jenna Mouck, Project Director (former)
  • Penelope Popp, Project Director (former)
  • Reagan Reese Seidler, Director, Strategy and Engagement
  • Michelle Sieffert, Executive Assistant
  • Donna-Joy Tuplin, Executive Director, Finance (former)
  • Jill Zimmer, Project Director

Ministry of Health Team Members:

  • Cindy Fedak, Director, Operations and Internal Audit
  • Julianne Jack, Director, Regional Services, Communications Branch
  • Allan MacArthur, Health Facility Planner (former)
  • Linda Restau, Director, Continuing Care and Rehabilitation
  • Lorri Thacyk, Director, Regional Services (former)
  • Brad Williams, Director, Capital Asset Planning

Honourable Mention:

  • Michelle Aldag, Manager, Cypress Health Region
  • Larry Allsen, CFO and Vice-President, Corporate Services, Cypress Health Region
  • Dwight Booth, Director, Cypress Health Region
  • Brad Boutilier, Corporate Relations Coordinator, Cypress Health Region
  • Carol Hildebrand, Director, Support Services and Projects, Cypress Health Region
  • Renee Hovdestad, Health Services Manager, Cypress Health Region
  • Tyler Kannenberg, Director, Human Resources, Cypress Health Region
  • Chanda Legare, Administrative Assistant, Cypress Health Region
  • Rick Lowe, Regional Manager, Cypress Health Region
  • Brian Manning, President and CEO, SaskBuilds (former)
  • Bryce Martin, Vice-President Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Cypress Health Region
  • Colleen Minken, Executive Assistant, Cypress Health Region
  • Baron Rackow, Support Services Manager, Cypress Health Region
  • Ken Rudd, Director, Capital and Projects, Cypress Health Region
  • Anita Sagadahl, Director, Acute Care and Long-Term Care, Cypress Health Region
  • Brenda Schwan, Vice-President, Continuing Care, Cypress Health Region
  • Beth Vachon, CEO, Cypress Health Region

For more information on the Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Public Service, visit www.saskatchewan.ca/honoursawards.

The Meadows Wins National Award from Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

TORONTO, Nov. 8, 2016  – The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) is proud to announce that The Meadows, Swift Current Long-Term Care Centre is the Silver Award recipient in the Infrastructure category of the 2016 National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships (P3s).

The Meadows replaces three aging facilities in the region adding beds for long term and palliative care. It significantly modernized the delivery of health services in southwest Saskatchewan.

The Meadows is Saskatchewan’s first P3 project.  The Design Build Finance and Maintain project had a total cost of $ 108.5 million and a Value for Money saving of $ 16.5 million.

The success of The Meadows demonstrates the benefits often attributed to the P3 model – cost-savings; on-time, on-budget delivery; and design innovations. Positive feedback received upon completion of this project proves that P3s have earned their place in the Saskatchewan market.

The Awards Panel was impressed with the “human design” of the project – moving away from institutional facilities towards family design and the integration of inter-generational elements. Panelists also applauded the high level of local contractor and community involvement.

The CCPPP National Awards will be presented on Monday, November 14th, 2016 at the 24th Annual CCPPP National Conference – INNOVATING OUR FUTURE at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in downtown Toronto.

“The Meadows was our first P3. This award again confirms it was the right choice. The whole community worked together and they created a world class facility.  My regards go to every resident, nurse, local business and friend of the project that made The Meadows a success.”

  • Gordon Wyant, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and Minister Responsible for SaskBuilds

“The Meadows is a landmark project that demonstrates exemplary innovation and partnering between the Province of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Health, SaskBuilds, the Cypress Region and Plenary Health. We are thrilled that it has been recognized with an award from the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships. Congratulations to the entire team for achieving a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership for the Province of Saskatchewan,”

  • Mike Marasco, CEO Plenary Concessions

Saskatchewan has been one of the most active P3 markets in Canada. It has quickly developed nine projects at the provincial and municipal levels in a variety of sectors. Each of these P3 projects has demonstrated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and innovatively addressed the needs of communities across the province.”

  • Mark Romoff, CCPPP President and CEO

Women’s and Children’s Unit Receives Recognition Award for moreOB™ Program

The Women’s and Children’s Health Services Unit at the Cypress Regional Hospital recently accepted a recognition award for outstanding performance in the application of knowledge, commitment, and teamwork through their involvement with the moreOB™ improvement program.

The Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (moreOB™) is a continuous patient safety improvement program led by a multidisciplinary team comprised of nursing staff, physicians, specialists, midwives, and other staff at the Cypress Regional Hospital in Swift Current.  The three year program uses a collaborative approach that’s intended to decrease adverse events and clinical errors by ensuring that all team members are involved in safety efforts and improvement initiatives.

After their first year of implementing the moreOB™ program the team received the moreOB™ Recognition Award for outstanding performance in the application of knowledge, commitment, and teamwork.  On April 18 the team was formally acknowledged for their hard work and dedication in achieving over 80% compliance in each area of the first module of the program.

“I am very proud of the team and how they are working together to achieve the best results for our patients.  Each time that I work with them, I see a change in communication and an easiness of working together.  This benefits everyone involved.” commented Beth Adashynski, Vice President of Performance and Quality for Cypress Health and team sponsor of the moreOB™ initiative.

The team has incorporated many improvements through module one of the moreOB™ program including skin to skin care between parents and their newborn, Vitamin K administration for infants, management of women in labour, and the timing and use of epidurals.

The Cypress Health Region extends its appreciation to moreOB™ team members and their dedication to enhancing the existing quality programming offered within the Women’s and Children’s unit.

The moreOB™ program is the signature performance solution offered by Salus Global, an international leader in the delivery of patient safety performance solutions. For more information please visit www.salusglobal.com and www.moreob.com.