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Maple Creek Primary Health Care

Clinic appointment access, no shows discouraged, proper emergency room use promoted

The Primary Health Care clinic within the Universal Care Unit at the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) is a fundamental access point for residents of Maple Creek and surrounding areas who require non-emergent medical care. The Cypress Health Region is promoting access to the clinic through the scheduling of an appointment while also reminding the public of the importance of cancelling appointments that are no longer needed.

The scheduling of patients within the clinic provides a known time for a patient to see a healthcare provider, reduces overall wait times, reduces unnecessary burden placed on the emergency room, and allows the provider team to maintain a steady flow of patients throughout the day.

“We want to emphasize that healthcare provider access at the primary health care clinic located within the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility is very strong, even for same-day appointments. We have a very solid complement of physicians and nurse practitioners working within the facility and this team can be accessed promptly when calling the clinic to book an appointment,” noted Greg Grant, Director of Primary Health Care with Cypress Health.

Provider access, while readily available, is restricted from reaching full capacity due to individuals who do not attend their scheduled appointments. There are an average of over 33 no-shows per month at the facility’s clinic, resulting in opportunity loss for those wishing to see a physician or nurse practitioner as promptly as possible. Cancellation of appointments that are no longer required assists in providing faster access of health services for the entire community.

There are currently five healthcare providers offering excellence in health services at the clinic including: Dr. Govender, Dr. Mudingayi, Dr. Naidoo, and nurse practitioners Erin Roberts and Crystal Olsen. Appointments can be made by calling the clinic directly at 306-662-2829.
If faced with a medical emergency you are asked to dial 9-1-1. Emergency services are available at the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Examples of medical emergencies include heart attack, stroke, loss of consciousness, and convulsions.

Outbreak Declared Over: Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility

UPDATE – December 14, 2015, 5:45pm

Medical Health Officer Dr. David Torr has rescinded the outbreak previously affecting the Southwest Integrated Health Care Facility’s Prairie Oasis (blue house) long term care home.  Visitation has now returned to normal; however, all visitors are encouraged to continue practicing good hand hygiene when entering and leaving health region facilities and to take advantage of hand washing and hand sanitizer stations that are available. If you are feeling ill, please delay your visit to the facility until your signs and symptoms have disappeared.

The Maple Creek staff and health region’s infection control team are thankful for the patience and understanding of the residents’ families and general public over the past week while the outbreak was effective.

Testing has not yet revealed a causative microorganism of the enteric illness that was to blame for the outbreak.

Previous message (December 8, 2015) – no longer applicable.

Under the guidance of Medical Health Officer Dr. David Torr, an outbreak has been declared at the Prairie Oasis (Blue) Long Term Care home in the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility in Maple Creek, due to the presence of enteric illness signs and symptoms amongst some of the house’s long term care residents.

Due to this declaration, please consider the following:

  • Until further notice, visitation to the Prairie Oasis (Blue) House will be restricted.  The only exceptions to these restrictions will be in the event of an ‘end of life’ situation, where the nurse in charge at the facility can be contacted to discuss the options that are available for the family members to visit their loved one.
  • Visitation to the Paradise Pines and Prairie Meadows long term care houses will continue to be allowed at the current time.  However, visitors are reminded to wash their hands upon entering and leaving the facility to reduce the risk of illness transmission.
  • This outbreak has been declared due to the presence of an unconfirmed enteric illness.  Samples have been forwarded to the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory in Regina for analysis and confirmation of the illness.
  • Presently, there are 4 long term care residents within the Prairie Oasis House who have been identified as meeting the signs and symptoms of this illness.   Several other residents are being closely monitored.
  • Enhanced cleaning and infection control protocols have been implemented within the facility, to minimize the illness.
  • Public Health and Infection Control Team members are actively involved in the situation and are providing guidance into the ongoing steps being taken to curb the illness.  The health region is strongly emphasizing that everyone do what they can to prevent the spread of illness/sickness to others.  Frequent and proper handwashing, staying home when ill, and enhanced cleaning of hard surfaces within your homes/businesses should always be the normal practice.

Additional information will be posted this page as it becomes available.

Grand Opening Event Held at New Maple Creek Facility on October 23

Government of Saskatchewan News Release

Maple Creek today celebrated the grand opening of the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility, a new facility that is providing a range of health services all under one roof.  Health Minister Dustin Duncan, Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit and Cypress Hills MLA Wayne Elhard joined health care workers, patients, families and residents at the celebration.

“The new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility will improve the quality of care for residents in this community,” Duncan said.  “Today is a great day for the people of Maple Creek.”

“This new facility aligns with our government’s commitment to improve health care infrastructure in our province so that all patients, residents and families have the supports and services they need to live healthy lives,” Ottenbreit said.

The provincial government contributed $36.24 million toward the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility project which represents 80 per cent of total project costs.  Local funding covered the remaining 20 per cent.

“I’m pleased that our government was able to collaborate with the people of Maple Creek and area to reach our mutual goal of a new health care facility in this community,” Elhard said.  “I would like to congratulate the many community members, municipal councils, and organizations who have contributed their valuable time, expertise and financial resources to make this beautiful facility a reality.”

The Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility provides acute and emergency care services, as well as long-term care.  It is equipped with 48 long-term care beds and 24 acute care beds.  The facility replaces the 21-bed Maple Creek Hospital and the 48-bed Cypress Lodge Nursing Home.

“On behalf of the Cypress Regional Health Authority board, I am pleased that patients, long term care residents and community clients will now be able to access all health care services under one roof,” Cypress Regional Health Authority Board Chairperson Lyle Quintin said.  “After a tremendous amount of planning, it’s exciting for our staff to be providing important services to the community in this brand-new facility.”

In February 2009, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the replacement of 13 long-term care facilities in the province.  The Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility is the eleventh of thirteen projects to be completed, with one in the construction phase in Kelvington and one in the planning phase in Meadow Lake.

Photos of the grand opening event are available in the photo gallery.

Grand Opening Event Planned for Maple Creek

The Cypress Health Region is excited to announce that a ‘Grand Opening’ event will be held to formally acknowledge the completion of construction and the full transition of services to the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility in Maple Creek.

An event will be held on Friday, October 23rd starting at 11:00 AM and will take place at the new facility.

The public is invited to participate in the event and help to celebrate the addition of the newest health care facility in the southwest, which will serve the community of Maple Creek and surrounding areas for many years to come. Those attending are asked to use the main entrance and avoid those parking areas that are designated for patient use.

The Minister of Health and Minister of Rural and Remote Health, as well as local and regional dignitaries will be in attendance at this event. An official ribbon cutting ceremony and unveiling of a commemorative plaque will also take place during the program.

Planned Power Outage for Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility

A scheduled power outage will occur on Wednesday, September 9th from 1:00 – 6:00 pm at the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) in Maple Creek. The outage is required for the construction’s contractor to address electrical upgrades between the main and backup systems.

Maple Creek Long Term Care Services to Transition into New Facility

Long term care residents in Maple Creek will be welcoming a new home into their lives as the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility will open the doors to its three long term care homes on August 24.

The move will introduce the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility as the sole location to the community’s spectrum of health services. The long term care move has been carefully coordinated over the summer months and every effort has been made to create a smooth transition for the 45 residents that will now call the new facility home.

“Moving into a new home is an exciting event to be a part of, but as is the case for anyone making such a move, it can be a stressful adjustment as well. We’ve been very mindful of this as we’ve planned this move and we’re working very hard to ensure it’s as smooth and seamless as possible for all of our residents as well as their family members,” commented Trent Regier, Director of Long Term Care and Integrated Health Services for Cypress Health.

The health region will have adequate staff on-site who will assisting with the relocation of residents on August 24th. Immediate family members of residents have also been invited to assist in the move.

Cypress Health staff are now completing a thorough cleaning of the facility’s three long term care houses (named Prairie Oasis, Paradise Pines, and Prairie Meadows as selected by residents, family members, volunteers, and staff). The furnishings for each resident room are also being moved into position in advance of the opening.

August 24th will be an exciting date for the community; however, the health region is requesting that members of the public avoid visiting the long term care houses during the transition day where possible.

“Monday will be a very exciting day for the community and our health region, but it will also be a very busy day as we make this adjustment. We are aware that many people will be wanting to come and see the long term care houses first-hand, but we are asking them to allow a day or two for our residents and their family members to become familiar with the new surroundings. This will also help to avoid cluttering the facility during our move,” added Regier.

The move into the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility will result in a change to the community’s Meals on Wheels service which will be based out of the new facility’s main kitchen beginning Friday, August 21st. As of this date, Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers will be asked to pick up their Meals on Wheels food totes at the kitchen. Volunteers may park in the long term care parking lot on the south side of the facility, use the main long term care entrance, and proceed to the kitchen for this pickup.

A grand opening celebration event for the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility is being planned and a date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Equipment Starts to Move Into the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility

The Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) in Maple Creek is welcoming some of the puzzle pieces that it will need prior to opening its doors to the public.  Equipment and furnishings are beginning to be relocated into the areas of the facility that have been completed, while active construction is nearing the finish line on the remainder of the building.

However, even with the additional activity around the new facility’s site, the Cypress Health Region wants to remind the public to continue accessing emergency outpatient, laboratory/x-ray, and primary health care clinic services at their temporary downtown locations until further notice.  Public notice will be provided when the new facility is open for business which is anticipated to occur in late May or early June.

SIHF TVs in Storage
Technology being brought into the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility.

Over the past number of months, the downtown maintenance building for the Town of Maple Creek has been the storage home for the furnishings and equipment that have been purchased for the new facility.  Members of the maintenance staff have now  started to transfer some of these items into the areas included in Zone 1 of the SIHF blueprint, including the universal care unit, one half of acute care, medical imaging, mechanical, and electrical areas.

The areas in Zone 1 were handed over to the Cypress Health Region in late February for the transfer of equipment.  During the first week of access, many items were moved and support/patient areas set up which included patient examination tables, stretcher beds, podiatrist chairs, biomedical and household fridges, night stands, materials management warehouse and maintenance shop set up, and the first shipment of information technology equipment.

“Our first week of having access to the building was very productive,” said Trent Regier, Director of Long Term Care & Integrated Health Services for the Cypress Health Region.  “Our staff will continue to transfer the many pieces of equipment, furnishings, and supplies into the universal care and acute areas so that they will be ready for staff orientation and final infection control processes prior to opening.  Once the move into Zone 1 is complete, we will be ready to continue these processes in the remainder of the building.”

Construction crews are making great progress on Zone 2 of the building which includes all of the long term care area, remainder of acute care, nutrition, and general support areas.  Current processes include painting, flooring and ceiling installation, electrical and mechanical work, and installation of kitchen equipment.

Zone 2 is scheduled to be completed by the contractors in mid-April and available for the region to begin the equipment/furnishings transfer into these areas.  Following this, staff orientation and training to the facility and its systems will begin.

Regier is optimistic that if the construction and other processes continue as per the current schedule, substantial completion of the building is anticipated to occur in mid-April.  “We are estimating a 4-6 week of time between substantial completion and being ready to open the building to provide services to the public,” added Regier.  “This timeline will allow for staff training and orientation along with the required enhanced cleaning ensuring that the facility is ready for our long term care residents and patients.”

Discussions are continuing to occur with the Southwest Health Trust Board to finalize the details for the donor wall signage installation.  In addition, the SIHF Art Foundation will be touring Zone 1 to finalize installations of artwork they have been collecting, and the Cowgirl Cattle Company are preparing for the furnishing of the bunkhouses where patients’ families will be given the opportunity to use during the day or stay overnight.

Having served the community and surrounding areas for over 50 years, the Maple Creek Hospital building will be demolished.  Dakota Reclamators were awarded the demolition contract and will begin their processes later this week.  The local Salvation Army and Museum have taken the opportunity to access some of the building’s equipment, fixtures and furnishings, while other items have been redeployed within the region’s facilities.  The demolition is scheduled to be complete by the end of April.

Construction Delays for New Maple Creek Facility

As the timelines for the transition into the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility grow closer, the Cypress Health Region has been informed that the construction project has experienced significant and unforeseen delays which will cause a further delay in the completion of the project. During recent discussions with the project’s general contractor, Graham Construction, the health region was advised that the date of substantial completion and possession of the building has been pushed back into 2015.

The health region was updated with timelines associated with a two-stage construction completion:

  • Zone 1 (which includes the universal care unit, one acute care wing, diagnostics, plant operations, and health records areas) will be completed on January 5, 2015.
  • Zone 2 (which includes the remainder of acute care, all long term care areas, nutrition, and administration areas) will be completed on March 2, 2015.

The identified substantial completion dates will then be followed by a series of process steps prior to the actual opening of these areas being available for services to be offered to the public. These processes include staff training and orientation to the new facility’s layout, equipment, and technologies; required safety checks; general cleaning of all areas and other facility preparations; and, the opportunity for public tours. It is anticipated that these process steps can be achieved within a 6-week window of time following substantial completion. The transfer of long term care residents from Cypress Lodge will occur following the March 2nd date and when the above-noted process steps are completed.

As a result of this information and new timeline developments, the health region is currently reviewing the transition plan relating to the anticipated move to the new facility. A revised plan is being developed that will ensure the safety and appropriateness of moving programs and services to the new integrated facility.

“The community and our staff are anxiously looking forward to the point in time when our health programs and services will be transferred to the new facility so these recent developments are disappointing,” said Brenda Schwan, Executive Director of Human Resources and Capital Project Lead for Cypress Health Region. “However, we realize that our construction partners are making extra efforts to maintain these new completion timelines and we are optimistic that they will do so.”

Schwan acknowledged that the construction delays will mean that the temporary locations for acute, emergency services, primary health care, and some community services will continue for longer than anticipated.

“The health region is very proud of our staff and we realize that the Maple Creek staff has managed to continue delivering quality services in spite of less than ideal conditions,” added Schwan. “We are working hard to make the transition into the new building happen as soon as possible in a safe manner for our staff, patients, residents, and clients.”

The health region would like to extend its appreciation to the community and residents for their patience and understanding with the current situation. The new integrated facility will provide many benefits for southwest health care and staff recruitment in the coming years.

Maple Creek Facility Continues to Progress

Construction crews have been busy over the summer months at the site of southwest Saskatchewan’s newest integrated health care facility. Progress is moving forward on the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility with significant steps forward being made both inside and outside the building.

With a project of this size, there are continually a variety of individual projects being worked on at the same time. Efforts by the construction crews are focusing on the sloped metal roofing on the long term care wings, continuation of drywall installation in the kitchen/town hall areas and long term care wings, painting of walls and door frames, and flooring installation in acute/long term care/universal care unit rooms. In addition, ongoing focus is being directed towards the electrical feeds and distribution, work within the mechanical room area, installation of floor heating lines and panels in long term care, exterior parking light standard installation, and installation of doors in the facility.

The overall project timeline has arrived at a point where additional efforts can be placed on the exterior landscaping and parking lot areas. Aside from the rough grading in the landscaped areas, there will be a dedicated group of community individuals who will be playing a significant role in planning what features the interior courtyard will have.

“We are very fortunate to have a local interest group who has volunteered to plan and landscape the interior courtyard of the facility,” said Kim Swanson, Health Services Manager for Maple Creek. “We appreciate the group’s efforts and we already know that the end result is going to be a wonderful spot for our residents, their families, and visitors to enjoy.” The group will be putting their design plans into action in the spring of 2015.

The list of equipment and furnishings for a new integrated health care facility of this size is a massive one, and the procurement of these items was initiated some time ago. Items have been arriving over the past while and will be ready to install when the time arrives.

“The Town of Maple Creek has been a terrific partner through the entire process of moving this facility through the various phases and we have appreciated their ongoing assistance,” commented Trent Regier, Director of Rural Health. “We have been able to store the shipments of equipment and furnishings within the Town’s storage facility and having quick access to them will save a large amount of time and effort when it is ready to install.”

The health region encourages regular visits to their website at www.cypresshealth.ca to view the ongoing progress of the new facility’s construction, and to view the on-site camera feed that provides real-time images (new photo taken every 15 minutes) of the construction site.

SIHF Construction Completion Update

Small Delay Anticipated for Completion of Construction

Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility, Maple Creek

The construction site of the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) in Maple Creek is full of activity and daily progress is constantly being made, both inside and outside. However, the completion of the newest health care facility in southwest Saskatchewan will experience a minor delay due to the availability of skilled tradespeople.

The revised timeline for substantial completion (referring to the point of time where only minor construction work remains, and the owner can make use of the facility) of the facility is mid-November 2014, versus the earlier anticipated timeline of early October. This adjustment is directly related to the significant difficulty in recruiting skilled tradespeople required to deliver the project on time. Sub-contractors have been struggling to attract skilled labor to work on the project in Maple Creek.

Following the substantial completion point in time, a series of process steps must occur prior to the actual opening date of the facility – these include staff training and orientation to the new facility’s layout, equipment, and technologies; required safety checks; general cleaning of all areas and other facility preparations; opportunity for public tours; and, the transfer of the long term care residents from the Cypress Lodge. It is anticipated that these process steps can be achieved within a 6-week window of time following substantial completion.

“We realize the challenges being faced with the recruitment of appropriate numbers of skilled tradespeople and appreciate the great efforts that our contractors are making in securing additional workers,” said Brenda Schwan, Executive Director of Human Resources and Capital Project Lead for Cypress Health Region. “The quality of the work being completed is amazing and we continue to look forward to the completion of the project.”

Trent Regier is the Director of Rural Health for the Region and will be coordinating the transition of services into the new facility. “We are planning to work with our construction partners in moving equipment and supplies into areas of the facility as they are completed,” commented Regier. “The entire continuum of all services will be transitioned into the new facility within a tight timeframe when it is completely ready for occupancy.”

Graham Construction (project’s General Contractor) has been exploring a variety of options to bring in additional tradespeople over the past while. They have seen some successes in the last two weeks with an increase in electricians on the site to help meet the demands of the construction timeline. Graham and ZW Group (project managers) have developed a contingency recovery plan to address the sub-contractor shortages, and will be seizing every opportunity that arises to make up time towards the completion of construction.

The Cypress Health Region would like to encourage the public to visit their website at www.cypresshealth.ca to view the ongoing progress of the new facility’s construction, and to view the on-site camera feed that provides real-time images (new photo taken every 15 minutes) of the construction site.