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Grand Opening Event Planned for Maple Creek

The Cypress Health Region is excited to announce that a ‘Grand Opening’ event will be held to formally acknowledge the completion of construction and the full transition of services to the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility in Maple Creek.

An event will be held on Friday, October 23rd starting at 11:00 AM and will take place at the new facility.

The public is invited to participate in the event and help to celebrate the addition of the newest health care facility in the southwest, which will serve the community of Maple Creek and surrounding areas for many years to come. Those attending are asked to use the main entrance and avoid those parking areas that are designated for patient use.

The Minister of Health and Minister of Rural and Remote Health, as well as local and regional dignitaries will be in attendance at this event. An official ribbon cutting ceremony and unveiling of a commemorative plaque will also take place during the program.

Maple Creek Facility Continues to Progress

Construction crews have been busy over the summer months at the site of southwest Saskatchewan’s newest integrated health care facility. Progress is moving forward on the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility with significant steps forward being made both inside and outside the building.

With a project of this size, there are continually a variety of individual projects being worked on at the same time. Efforts by the construction crews are focusing on the sloped metal roofing on the long term care wings, continuation of drywall installation in the kitchen/town hall areas and long term care wings, painting of walls and door frames, and flooring installation in acute/long term care/universal care unit rooms. In addition, ongoing focus is being directed towards the electrical feeds and distribution, work within the mechanical room area, installation of floor heating lines and panels in long term care, exterior parking light standard installation, and installation of doors in the facility.

The overall project timeline has arrived at a point where additional efforts can be placed on the exterior landscaping and parking lot areas. Aside from the rough grading in the landscaped areas, there will be a dedicated group of community individuals who will be playing a significant role in planning what features the interior courtyard will have.

“We are very fortunate to have a local interest group who has volunteered to plan and landscape the interior courtyard of the facility,” said Kim Swanson, Health Services Manager for Maple Creek. “We appreciate the group’s efforts and we already know that the end result is going to be a wonderful spot for our residents, their families, and visitors to enjoy.” The group will be putting their design plans into action in the spring of 2015.

The list of equipment and furnishings for a new integrated health care facility of this size is a massive one, and the procurement of these items was initiated some time ago. Items have been arriving over the past while and will be ready to install when the time arrives.

“The Town of Maple Creek has been a terrific partner through the entire process of moving this facility through the various phases and we have appreciated their ongoing assistance,” commented Trent Regier, Director of Rural Health. “We have been able to store the shipments of equipment and furnishings within the Town’s storage facility and having quick access to them will save a large amount of time and effort when it is ready to install.”

The health region encourages regular visits to their website at www.cypresshealth.ca to view the ongoing progress of the new facility’s construction, and to view the on-site camera feed that provides real-time images (new photo taken every 15 minutes) of the construction site.

Relocation of Services Complete in Maple Creek

Following several days of massive teamwork, the relocation of programs and services from the Maple Creek Hospital to other buildings within the community is now complete.

A decision to close the existing Maple Creek Hospital was made on May 9th due to issues with deteriorating roofing membranes and resulting water penetration into the building. Emphasis was placed on relocating the services to other locations to ensure stable and consistent access to programs and services were available until the new SIHF was ready for occupancy this fall.

Gloria Illerbrun, Executive Director of Health Services for Cypress Health Region, was extremely impressed with the overall teamwork and cooperation from many individuals and organizations during the impromptu transfer. “I cannot extend enough appreciation for the efforts of our Maple Creek staff, managers from throughout the region, community partners, and others for their many efforts over the past number of days,” commented Illerbrun. “Once the decision was made to relocate, alternate locations were quickly identified, and everyone dug in their heels and went to work. It was amazing to watch how everyone banded together to get to where we are today.”

Illerbrun was quick to point out that the Town of Maple Creek was very appreciative of the tough situation that existed and were quick to respond to our needs. “The Town was helpful right from the start and assisted the transition process in so many ways,” added Illerbrun. “We were so thankful for their partnership in making this work.”

The following locations will be providing programs and services until the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility (SIHF) is ready for occupancy this fall:

Former TransGas Building – 728 Pacific Avenue

  • Emergency outpatient service – 24 hours per day
  • Laboratory, x-ray, observation beds, ambulatory care
  • Ambulance services – 24 hours per day

Former Royal Bank Building – 202 Maple Street

  • Primary Health Care Clinic – physicians, nurse practitioner appointments

Cypress Lodge Nursing Home – Highway #21 South

  • Home Care – available in the front offices, located inside main entrance
  • Public Health Nursing – available in south solarium area
  • Therapies – available in South Wing, follow signage
  • Community Health (mental health, addictions, dietitian, etc.) – health provider will give you details on location to meet you.

The health region also would like to acknowledge the many individuals and organizations that provided their assistance and flexibility to reduce the turnaround time in making the programs available once again. Appreciation is extended to the Town of Maple Creek’s Council and staff, TransGas, SaskEnergy, community contractors and service providers, SaskTel, Salvation Army, Cypress Lodge staff and residents, and many others for interrupting your daily routines and re-prioritizing their tasks.

“This relocation of services is a true example of community spirit, partnership, and teamwork in making sure that the resumption of health care provision to residents of Maple Creek and surrounding areas was a top priority,” added Illerbrun. “The staff of Maple Creek and health region is forever grateful.”

Further updates will be provided on the health region’s website at www.cypresshealth.ca and residents are encouraged to visit the website for the latest information on the relocation and the progress on the SIHF construction site.